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Buckfast Queen Bee - 2024

Buckfast Queen Bee - 2024

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Welcome to our Buckfast Queen Bee Emporium!

We take immense pride in offering you top-quality, prolific laying Buckfast Queens - the queens of choice for beekeepers seeking excellence. Our queens are carefully selected for their exceptional traits, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance and temperament.

When you choose our Buckfast Queens, you can expect:

1. Prolific Laying: Our queens are prolific layers, capable of building strong colonies with a remarkable brood pattern. They will contribute to the growth and vitality of your hive, ensuring a thriving bee population.

2. Calm and Gentle: We understand the importance of working with calm and gentle bees. Our Buckfast Queens are known for their serene disposition on the comb, making hive inspections a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

3. Disease Resistance: Healthy hives are the foundation of successful beekeeping. Our queens exhibit excellent disease resistance, contributing to the overall resilience and longevity of your colonies.

4. Excellent Honey Producers: Honey production is at the heart of beekeeping. Our Buckfast Queens lead colonies that excel in honey production, allowing you to indulge in the sweet rewards of your beekeeping efforts.

To ensure you receive only the best, we meticulously inspect each queen before releasing her for sale. This includes evaluating her laying capabilities, brood pattern, and successful mating. We are committed to delivering queens that meet and exceed your expectations, leaving you delighted with your purchase.

For your convenience, we offer weekly postage of the queens, ensuring they arrive when both you and your colony are ready. The postage date will be arranged via email, and the price includes postage, so there are no surprises or hidden fees.

Please note that queens are posted on Mondays, and if you desire express delivery, rest assured that next day delivery is guaranteed once posted.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your beekeeping journey with our top-quality Buckfast Queens. Click now to order and experience the joy of nurturing thriving and productive colonies.

Join us in our commitment to fostering healthy and prosperous beekeeping practices. At our Buckfast Queen Bee Emporium, we prioritise your success and satisfaction above all else. Get ready to take your beekeeping to new heights with our exceptional queens!

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